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Featured Items 

 May 4-17, 2021

Duck Wings 9.5

6 duck wings with sweet and spicy sauce

Mozzarella Sticks 6.

6 fried mozzarella sticks with classic marinara

TF Taco Egg Rolls 7.

seasoned ground beef, black beans, and corn/side of queso dip

Queso Dip and Chips 6.

Chicken Tortilla Soup  3.5/cup 5./bowl

Fellow Nachos 10.5

tortilla chips topped with seasoned ground beef, queso, jalapenos, tomatoes, olives, lettuce, and sour cream/side of salsa

BBQ Pork Quesadilla 11.

BBQ pork, red onion, and melted pepper jack cheese in a tortilla wrap/served with chips and salsa

Thirsty Baja Tacos 12.

two tortilla wraps filled with your choice of fish or shrimp, coleslaw, and topped with a Baja drizzle/served with a side of chips and salsa

Willie Dog 5.5

all-beef hot dog topped with chili, cheese and onions /choose one side from house chips, cole slaw or a side salad (Caesar or mixed greens)

Pizza Special for Two 14.

(Friday, Saturday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm/Tuesday - Thursday all day) 

one small pizza with 2 toppings and two side salads (Caesar or mixed greens)


Featured Cocktails

Southbound Greyhound: Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka on ice, topped with club soda 5.

Carolina Tea: Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka and iced tea, served in a mason jar 5.

New Wines

Ruffino Prosecco 6.5/glass   Ruffino Prosecco Rose' 6.5/glass  Conundrum Rose'  7.5/glass